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Full Context

Extract Transcripts, Summaries, Key Points and Questions from any pre-recorded conversation. This creates a comprehensive backdrop, ensuring that the nuances of the discussions are retained.

Group Dynamics

Dive into the heart of team interactions with the Group Dynamics Layer. Here, Meetra AI captures the overall Sentiment, Energy, Interactions, and Balance of the conversation. 

Topic Deep Dive

At the Topic Overlay level, Meetra AI zeroes in on specific discussion points. This means going beyond general conversation dynamics to pinpoint specific Topics, identify the main Contributors, and assess Sentiment, Energy, and Interaction Patterns around these focal points. With this deep dive, teams can unearth pivotal moments in the conversation and their subsequent ripple effects.

Dynamic Fluctuations

The Fluctuation Layer is all about tracking the ebb and flow of conversations. By monitoring Energy and Sentiment fluctuations, alongside interactions and individual emotion changes over time, Meetra AI provides a dynamic representation of the conversation’s trajectory.

The Building Blocks of Meetra AI

Capturing Context

Automatic Speaker Recognition

Recognizes active speakers in conversations

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Full Transcripts and Summaries

Provides full transcripts and summaries of the conversation’s audio content 

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Keypoints and Questions

Identifies and lists key points and questions raised during the conversation

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Topics and Related Keywords

Detects and lists topics and keywords discussed throughout the conversation.

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Evaluating Group Dynamics

Interaction Density

Provides strength and frequency of interactions between participants

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Conversational Energy

The energy level in a conversation based on talk time, interactions and emotions.

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Conversational Sentiment

Analyzes the overall sentiment and emotions throughout a conversation

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Speaker Balance

Balance of participation among speakers according to MIT TeamSpeak coefficient

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Energy and Interaction Fluctuations

Tracks changes in energy and interaction levels throughout the conversation

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Sentiment and Emotion Fluctuations

Monitors shifts in sentiment during the conversation including individual emotions

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Topic Detection and Overlays

Conversation Topic Detection

Lists topics discussed in the conversation in defined time intervals.

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Topic Contributors

Identifies speakers who contributed to specific topics

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Topic Sentiment and Energy

Measures the sentiment and group energy associated with specific topics.

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Topic Interactions

Maps speaker interactions around specific topic

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